In this 55 min  class, your child will be introduced to the fundamentals of Tumbling. Our professional coaching staff will work hands on tumble progressions to include rolls, handstands, cartwheels, round offs, walkovers,  and more. Participants advance to intermediate tumble after mastering their back handspring on trampoline.   No experience necessary.

This 55 min class picks up where beginner ended with the handspring.  Students in this class must have successfully completed Beginner Tumble, or test out  by evaluation.  Skills in Intermediate Tumble involve forward and backward handsprings, and connection tumbling sequences. Students will also work toward their forward and backward tuck and Aerial Cartwheel. Evaluation Required.

These 55 min classes incorporate elite tumbling skills that include flipping and twisting. It involves intense strength and conditioning and requires  a high level of focus. All Athletes must pass an evaluation for entrance into Advanced Tumble.

This 55 min class is meant for ages 12-18 of all levels.  It is based completely on age.  Students will be instructed at their individual level of tumble. Larger classes are divided by skill level. No experience necessary.


Why cheerleading over other youth activities?

All Star offers a unique, well-rounded opportunity not found in other similar youth activities. Cheerleading is a team activity not an individual intro sport.

Benefits of FUNdamentals and All Star:

FUNdamentals and All Star teaches teamwork, cooperation, working towards a

common goal, and socialization with others as integral parts of success and

learning, while still developing the individual athlete. Many other youth activities

focus on the development of the individual without the opportunity for a focus on

the sense of team and comradery built within the group.

Individual achievements gained from All Star:

● Self Confidence

● Agility/Athleticism/Fine Motor Skill Development

● Strength training and development of overall physical condition in a FUN

atmosphere. Exercise has never been so FUN!

● Character development through a special series developed exclusively for


All Star Elite: All Star is an exciting world of training, competition and travel. Athletes train year round, and commit to each season. A tryout/ evaluation is required. Typically these teams train 5 hours a week. They compete at 6-8 competitions and demonstrations a year. Cost: $207/month (uniform, choreography, competition fees not included) tuition covers 2 practices for 2 hours + a tumble class. 

All Star Elite Teams- train from 5-6 hours a week.  These teams attend local, regional and national competitions.
Projected All Star Teams:
Legacy: Age 5-11
Destiny: Age 5-14
Courage: Age 5-8

All-Star Prep:

All Star Prep is perfect for the athlete ready to take it to the next level! Introducing a competitive environment drives excellence in skill building. Prep offers a low commitment and less travel. These teams practice once a week for 1.5 hours They compete at 2-3 local competitions. Tumbling is highly encouraged. Cost: $109/month. (uniform, choreography and competition fees not included.) All Star Prep Teams-Train 1.5-3 hours a week.  These teams attend local, regional and national competitions.

All-Star FUNdamentals:

All Star Fundamentals is the first stop for kids who are interested in All Star cheer. The focus is on welcoming new athletes to All Star and making sure they have fun, feel safe and make friends!

● Never boring! FUNdamentals is designed in short modules that keep athletes engaged for those budding individuals who want to experience all
that All Star has to offer and not spend long periods of time focused on just
one aspect of the sport.

● FUNdamentals incorporates stretching and increased flexibility, stunting,
jumping, dance, conditioning and a FUN activity in each class structure.

● FUNdamentals teaches character development throughout a session long
series of FUN activities that encourages the growth of each student’s life

● Weekly FUN activities are sent home that aid in the development of your
student athlete and teach valuable life lessons.

● FUNdamentals provides a taste of All Star which allows for a short term
commitment to evaluate if All Star is right for your child!

● FUNdamentals provides a routine learned throughout the session which
gives athletes the opportunity to perform in a FUN no pressure atmosphere
such as a showcase.

FUNdemental Cheer is a perfect opportunity for your child to learn the fundamentals of cheerl.  It is a great way for those involved in other activities to get a taste of cheerleading without a huge time or financial commitment. Students in these programs will learn routines and will Demo at an End of session showcase.  Participants attend a 55minute class once a week. No experience necessary. Cost: $79/month (uniform, and demo fees not included in tuition

Liberty: Age 4-6
Spirit: Age 7-11

All-Star Novice:

All Star Novice welcomes athletes moving up from Fundamentals, or with some past cheer experience. The program continues to build a love for All Star, while focusing on skill building and growth in a low-pressure, evaluation-only environment. These teams show at one to two competitions.  

The sport of cheer…
Promotes Spiritual, Physical, and Mental development while building self-confidence, and commitment in youth.
We encourage Teamwork and Pride that lasts a lifetime!
Through quality instruction, we will strive to encourage and teach children of all ages and abilities that they are filled with potential and nothing is beyond their reach!

Call or email for additional information:

605-334-4311, or email, acecheer@allamericangymnstics.com 

​For all cheer and tumble programs covering ages 3-18.