In this 55 min  class, your child will be introduced to the fundamentals of Tumbling. Our professional coaching staff will work hands on tumble progressions to include rolls, handstands, cartwheels, round offs, walkovers,  and more. Participants advance to intermediate tumble after mastering their back handspring on trampoline.   No experience necessary.


This 55 min class picks up where beginner ended with the handspring.  Students in this class must have successfully completed Beginner Tumble, or test out  by evaluation.  Skills in Intermediate Tumble involve forward and backward handsprings, and connection tumbling sequences. Students will also work toward their forward and backward tuck and Aerial Cartwheel. Evaluation Required.


These 55 min classes incorporate elite tumbling skills that include flipping and twisting. It involves intense strength and conditioning and requires  a high level of focus. All Athletes must pass an evaluation for entrance into Advanced Tumble.


This 55 min class is meant for ages 12-18 of all levels.  It is based completely on age.  Students will be instructed at their individual level of tumble. Larger classes are divided by skill level. No experience necessary.