Ninja Zone encompasses:

  • Obstacle courses for strength and agility
  • Ninja Training (Ninja style flips, rolls, kicks, vaults), just like what you see on a video game or in the movies!
  • Gymnastics Tumbling for Total Body Coordination

We've combined these four disciplines together into one brand new sport. Our mission statement is this:

To move through an environment, or series of obstacles, with fluidity, prowess and stealth. To use a combination of skillful spins, rolls, flips, jumps, and kicks as to elude an opponent.

Everything in Ninja moves. All of the skills eventually will be taught with a continuous entrance and exit. In gymnastics you have a start and a stop, a "stick." There is no sticking in Ninja. The kids are meant to fall of balance, to learn how to get up quickly and move on to each of the different skills.

What is Ninja Zone?

Ninja Zone is an all new discipline inspired from Obstacle Course Training, Gymnastics, Dance and Martial Arts.


Sioux Falls Kid Ninja Zone

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Sioux Falls Kid Ninja Zone