Little All Stars (1 Card: $80.  Or Unlimited Membership)

1 child membership $40/ month

2 child membership $60/ month

​3 child membership $75/month

Little All Stars is an open play time for Parent & Toddler - including access to both gyms totaling 23,000 square feet of fun!

  • & MUCH MORE!!

You are welcome to do a trial for your first visit to Little All Stars and just pay $8.00 per child.

If you decide that Little All Stars is just what you are looking for and plan to attend in the future you are required to pay the annual membership of $25 for the 1st child & $14 for each additional.  You are not required to pay the annual membership fee if you are doing a trial.You will then purchase a punch card.  Our regular Punch Cards NEVER EXPIRE and you can come as often or as little as you like.  The punch cards offered are: $80 for 1 punch card (10 punches).


Structured classes start at 3 & potty trained. Our program is based upon exciting and fun lesson plans to enhance your child’s overall well-being!  All preschool classes are designed to focus on large and small motor skills, while introducing the students to basic gymnastics skills on vault, bars, beam, and floor.  Classes have fun using music, games, in-ground trampolines, and equipment designed specifically for their size!


(Parent Involvement) (30 min)

Once a week $50/4 weeks

We have designed a gymnastics class just for the preschool age group. During this half hour class your child will work on forward rolls, backward rolls, cartwheels handstands and more. A typical class will involve: warm-up, coordination drills on trampoline, a floor circuit or rotation of basic tumbling, and a brief cool down. Tumbling at an early age is a perfect way to build coordination, flexibility, strength and confidence. Tumbling, also works on gross motor development and sensory awareness. Parent Tot is also a great stepping stone to prepare children for a future in gymnastics or other sports that require air awareness and hand eye coordination.

RED STARS (45 min)

Once a week$79/4 weeks

Twice a week $134.30/4 weeks

 children 3-5 (potty trained)

Our preschool curriculum focuses on teaching preschool basic gymnastics skills while reinforcing independence and confidence.  Your child will rotate through bars, beam, floor and vault on our special equipment for just preschoolers.  Each class includes warmups, stretching, and a fun age-appropriate activity or game.

Prerequisite: None

Next Step: White Stars


(Advancement Notice/Teacher Recommendation Required)

Once a week $84/4 weeks 
Twice a week $42.80/4 weeks 

advanced beginner gymnastics class for girls 3-5.

Our advanced preschool curriculum focuses on teaching USA Gymnastics Level 1 skills on floor, bars, beam, and vault.  Side stations are used to reinforce new skills and build strength, flexibility, and endurance.  Each class ends with a fun, age-appropriate activity or game.

Prerequisite: Completed Red Stars

Next Step: Hot Shots or Blue Stars


Preschool,LIL Ninja, and Parent Tot Classes missed for ANY personal/family reason or weather may be made up with the following option:
 Attending a Toddler Open Time at no cost.  
This is an activity time not an instructional time. Parents must remain with their child.
These Make-ups are limited to 2 in the Fall Session, 3 in the Winter/Spring Session, and 2 in the Summer Session
Parents must contact the office prior to attending to ensure they are within the allowable amounts of make-ups.

Sioux Falls Preschool Program

AAGA preschool classes are available for children ages 2-5 in both structured and unstructured formats. Find out more about our preschool class options below!


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Sioux Falls Preschool Program