Additional Training

American Cheer Elite offers a variety of classes for your athlete including tumbling, flexibility, and strength. Some classes are ability based. See below for information on our current classes and how to register.


Our tumbling classes are skill-based and designed to develop your child's abilities with proper instruction and technique. Click the class name to be redirected to registration.

Beginner Tumbling

This class is for those new to tumbling who are working basic skills.

Level 2/3 Tumbling

This class is designed for those working handsprings and tucks. Prerequisite skill: Back Walkover

Level 4/5/6 Tumbling

This class is for individuals who have mastered their tuck and are working layouts and spinning. Prerequisite skill: Back Tuck

Other Classes

Summer Classes being offered at American Cheer Elite include Basic Training, Jump Street, and Flight School. Click the class name to be redirected to registration.

Basic Training

This strength and conditioning class is designed to increase athletes' muscular and cardio endurance. This class is great for athletes of all skill sets.

Jump Street

This class is geared toward developing a stronger jump technique. Athletes will train proper jump form, flexibility, and height.

Flight School

Created for athletes looking to increase their flying abilities, flight school focuses on increasing flexibility, working body positions, and flyer spacial awareness.

Private Lessons

We offer individual lessons for athletes looking for more gym time to work one on one with a coach. Dates and times are flexible to fit the athlete's schedule. Pricing for lessons is as follows:

30 min- $40

45 min- $50

‚Äč60 min- $60

If you are interested in a private lesson, please fill out the form below.

 7321 S Grasslands Pl, 
   Sioux Falls, SD 57108


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