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American Cheer Elite is the newest All-Star Cheerleading Gym in South Dakota. With options for youth ages 3+, there is a place for everyone in the American Family. The "Corps Values" at American Cheer Elite encompass the idea that winning off the floor is far more valuable than any medal, title, jacket, or ring. We strive to create a second home for your athletes where lifelong friendships and bonds are nurtured.

Corps Values

 Emphasize the cruciality of creating an encouraging environment for athletes.

 Enrich the spiritual, mental, and physical development of youth.

 Educate and properly train athletes in the mechanics of cheerleading.

 Explore levels with creativity and innovation.

 Exceed limitations.

All Star Ranks

Our All-Star Ranks at American Cheer Elite are our top tier, competitive teams. These are teams for individuals looking to live and breathe cheerleading! Our All-Star teams have spots for everyone!

Registration to join the ranks of American Cheer Elite is now open!

Click the "All-Star Ranks" button to be redirected to the All-Star page with more information on how to get evaluated for the season!

Prep Ranks

Our Recreational Ranks at American Cheer Elite is a great option for families interested in the beginnings of competitive cheerleading. Our Rec teams have spots for everyone!

Stay tuned for updates on registration for Rec Ranks later this summer.

Click the "Rec Ranks" button to be redirected to registration for our current Prep class that is geared toward preparing new cheerleaders for their first season. Your athlete will learn to stunt, tumble, and jump.

Additional Training

American Cheer Elite offers a variety of classes in addition to our All-Star and Rec teams. There are classes designed for every age and skill level to give each individual athlete the tools necessary to progress in their abilities.

We currently have classes for tumbling, strength, flyer flexibility, and jump flexibility along with the option of private lessons.

See below our registration calendar that outlines our class dates, times, and cost.

 7321 S Grasslands Pl, 
   Sioux Falls, SD 57108


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