Developmental Program

The AAGA Developmental Program consists of Pink, Purple, Devo (competitive) and TOPS (Talent Opportunity program). Developmental gymnastics is a wonderful opportunity for the young gymnast to further develop their discipline, self-esteem, and motivation to be the best gymnast they can be. Teacher recommendation or skill evaluation is required to be a part of the developmental program.

Pink Squads (AGE 4-8)

Pink trains 1.5 hours usually twice a week September-May. They attend a minimum of once a week throughout the summer. They are able to opt into 2-3 fun meets a year.

Purple Squads (AGE 4-8)

Purple trains 1.5 hours twice a week year-round.  They are able to opt into 2-3 fun meets a year.


DEVO gymnasts at AAGA train 2 hours twice a week year-round. They compete Xcel Bronze to introduce them to competition while preparing for level 3 and higher.

 7321 S Grasslands Pl, 
   Sioux Falls, SD 57108


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