frequently asked questions

My Child has previous gymnastics experience. How do I determine which class they should join? 

If your child is 3-5 years old, classes are split by age on the rec side of the gym. If your child is in school, they will begin in school-age gymnastics. Our classes are built on a three-tier system. Red = Beginner, White = Intermediate, and Blue = Advanced. If you are uncertain about which class to join, please call to visit with us about placement or an evaluation. 

Do you offer makeups for missed classes? 

Our policy at AAGA is to offer 2 makeups per session for recreational classes. If your athlete misses class, you are able to attend an Open Gym free-of-charge. Come to the Gym during an open gym time and talk to the Front Desk about making up a class. We do not makeup missed classes in another instructional class. *Different policy applies if the Gym is closed for a Holiday. 

Does my child need shoes or socks for class?

No, barefoot is best! Expect for Parkour classes - socks and shoes are required for Parkour!

What should my child wear to class?

Our recreational students are welcome to wear a leotard or any clothing that is comfortable to move around in. Please avoid baggy clothing as that can get in the way when your child is on the equipment. Please avoid articles of clothing that have zippers, snaps, and/or buttons. 

how far in advance can I enroll my child?

Students are able to enroll in the session at any point in time. Enrollment and Class Schedules for the upcoming sessions are available 6-8 weeks prior to the start of the session (est., April, mid-July, & mid-November). 

billing cycle at aaga

Our classes are billed on a 4-week cycle at AAGA. We always bill on Mondays. Here is a template of our schedule. Please let us know if you have further questions! 

Week 0: The Monday of the week prior to the session beginning you will be charged for weeks 1-4 

Week 4: You will be charged for the next four weeks of the session (weeks 5-8). This charge will be applied Monday of week 4. 

class Attendence Policy & Procedure

If there is only one child in attendence, class will be half of the scheduled time. This is for your child's safety, performance & recovery! 

At the beginning of the session, if a class has fewer than 3 children enrolled AAGA reserves the right to cancel the class.