What is Parkour and Freerunning?

Parkour: the activity or sport of moving rapidly through an area, typically in an urban environment, negotiating obstacles by running, jumping, and climbing

Freerunning: a way of expression by interacting with various obstacles and environments which may include flipping and spinning

Our gyms mission

Here at All American we believe the key to success in training is avoiding injury. As such our WFPF certified instructors have been trained and strive to give people the knowledge they possess to create a fun but more importantly a SAFE environment for anyone that wishes and is willing to learn.

What should you expect?

Our trained professionals understand that everyone comes from different backgrounds and are always on different levels in their training. No person will be forced to do any tricks or skills they feel they are not ready for. Our staff is trained to use exercises and progressions until the student is comfortable with the drills and is ready to try the skill. Skills and tricks will only be attempted when both student and coach are confident in the students ability. Safety is our first priority achieving the skills comes second.

Parkour and Free Running at All American is broken down by level and age.

"Parkidz" is the name of the program for ages 7-10.  Parkidz is currently offered in levels 1 and 2.  Parkidz levels 3 and 4 will be offered in future sessions based on the needs of the athletes.

Parkour LEVEL 1 and Parkour LEVEL 2, are the current classes offered for ages 11-15. Higher-level classes will be offered in this age range once enough athletes reach proficiency.

Adult Parkour Classes are offered for ages 16yrs and older.  

We have a 1-8 level system

LEVELS 1-4 Parkour: Students will learn to be confident in their abilities and themselves. They will learn to safely move through an environment with ease and skill.

LEVEL 1 WHITE: Start at the beginning with a focus on safety, building strength, balance, and full-body awareness while applying the fundamental movements of parkour.

LEVEL 2 ORANGE: Students make the transition to more technically challenging parkour movements, with a focus on developing the basic vaults.

LEVEL 3 YELLOW: Students at this level will now begin to explore more advanced parkour vaults, and work on developing bar movements.

LEVEL 4 GREEN: Working now on smooth transitions and speed of movements, including strength-based climb-ups.

LEVELS 5-8 FREERUNNING: At these levels, students now are comfortable with their skills and are ready and eager to show what they have already learned yet still have a deep hunger to learn more.

LEVEL 5 BLUE: Students at this level are introduced to advanced parkour movements, along with an introduction to basic flips and tricks utilized in freerunning.

LEVEL 6 RED: students will begin to expand their movement vocabulary by integrating new movements including more advanced somersaults and tricks.

LEVEL 7 PURPLE: Having mastered the principles of safety and presence, purple level students dedicate themselves to the most advanced freerunning skills, identifying their “lines” and executing competition level runs with high levels of difficulty, flow, and creativity.

LEVEL 8 BLACK: Students accomplish competition level movements as well as an understanding of how to link those movements to a high level of competency. Students hunger and search for more profound skills and self-mastery.

*An annual membership fee for all classes is $25, and $14 for each additional child

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