School-Age Gymnastics Program

Our school-age program is for school-age girls ages 6 & up. Beginner to advanced classes are offered with a focus on skill and strength development. Classes begin at a basic level (RED Stars) and progress to our advanced level (NAVY Stars). 

RED STARS (60 min)

Once a week $84/4 weeks
Beginners aged: 6-9 years old 
No experience needed here! Students will learn the basics of all four gymnastics apparatus-Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor. With an eight to one student-teacher ratio for this class, we will work to achieve the basic skills required to advance to the next level. All classes will begin and end with a fun and fast-paced game/activity to raise the heart-rate and prepare the body for gymnastics. Skill mastery will lead to the next level - Advanced I or the JR/SR High School Class.

Prerequisite: None
Next Step: White Stars or Blue Stars


Once a week $84/4 weeks
Intermediate aged: 6-10 years old
55-minute advanced beginner gymnastics class for girls 6+
Advanced beginner gymnastics class for girls focuses on skills on floor, bars, beam, and vault. This class focuses on skill progression. New skills are introduced while building strength, flexibility and endurance. 
Prerequisite: Red Stars
Next Step: Blue Stars

BLUE STARS (60 min)

(Completion of RED/WHITE STARS Required)
Once a week $84/4 weeks
Gymnasts aged 6-12 years old
This class is structured for students with advanced skills to prepare the student for the Developmental Program or the Xcel Program.
Prerequisite: Completed Red Stars
Next Step: Developmental Program

NAVY STARS (60 min)

Once a week $84/4 weeks
Gymnasts aged 9-15 years old
This class is designed for our middle school students that have attained their basic skills to intermediate while building their strength and flexibility. 
Prerequisite: None
Next Step: Developmental Program


Recreational Classes missed for ANY personal/family reason or weather may be made up with the following option:

  • Attending an Open Gym at no cost.
  • This is activity time, not instructional time. 
  • Parents must contact the office prior to attending an open gym. 

*An annual membership fee for all classes is $25, and $14 for each additional child

 7321 S Grasslands Pl, 
   Sioux Falls, SD 57108


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