recreational gymnastics

school-age program


Once a week $84/4 weeks 
Beginners aged: 6-9 years old 
No experience needed here! Students will learn the basics of all four gymnastics apparatus-Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor. With an eight to one student-teacher ratio for this class, we will work to achieve the basic skills required to advance to the next level. All classes will begin and end with a fun and fast-paced game/activity to raise the heart-rate and prepare the body for gymnastics. Skill mastery will lead to the next level.

Prerequisite: None
Next Step: White Stars or Blue Stars

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Once a week $84/4 weeks
Intermediate aged: 6-10 years old
60 minutes White Stars gymnastics class is for girls 6+
focusing on skills on floor, bars, beam, and vault. New skills are introduced while building strength, flexibility and endurance. 
Prerequisite: Red Stars
Next Step: Blue Stars

BLUE STARS (60 minutes)

(Completion of RED/WHITE STARS Required)
Once a week $84/4 weeks
Gymnasts aged 6-12 years old
This class is structured for students with advanced skills to prepare the student for the Developmental Program or the Xcel Program.
Prerequisite: Completed Red Stars
Next Step: Developmental Program

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Once a week $84/4 weeks
Gymnasts aged 9-15 years old
This class is designed for our middle school students that have attained their basic skills to intermediate while building their strength and flexibility. 
Prerequisite: None
Next Step: Developmental Program