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The Back Handspring Club is a 6-week program designed to help your athlete execute their Back Handspring! Special drills have been hand-selected to teach the movement, shaping, and power to execute a clean Back Handspring. The round-off back handspring is a foundational movement in learning the power necessary to tumble competitively in any of our sport tracks.

This Club is a great option for all athletes, of any sport or discipline. It is through repetition that athletes become stronger and resilient in sports.  

The cost is $150 for 6-weeks of programming.

You can join at any time throughout the 6-weeks and the class rate will be prorated.

After achieving a back handspring, your athlete will join The Back Handspring Club and receive a limited BHS Club Sticker. 

The Back Handspring Club begins November 13 and will meet the following 5 weeks.